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SEC Filings
TERRAFORM POWER, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/15/2019
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Renewable energy facility acquisitions and investments

Our long-term growth strategy is dependent on our ability to acquire additional renewable power generation assets. This growth is expected to be comprised of organic growth investments in our existing fleet, add-on acquisitions across our scope of operations and value-oriented opportunistic acquisitions, including through our European Platform.
Renewable power has been one of the fastest growing sources of electricity generation in North America and globally over the past decade. We expect the renewable energy generation segment in particular to continue to offer high growth opportunities driven by:

the continued reduction in the cost of solar, wind and other renewable energy technologies, which will lead to grid parity in an increasing number of markets;
distribution charges and the effects of an aging transmission infrastructure, which enable renewable energy generation sources located at a customer’s site, or distributed generation, to be more competitive with, or cheaper than, grid-supplied electricity;
the replacement of aging and conventional power generation facilities in the face of increasing industry challenges, such as regulatory barriers, increasing costs of and difficulties in obtaining and maintaining applicable permits, and the decommissioning of certain types of conventional power generation facilities, such as coal and nuclear facilities;
the ability to couple renewable energy generation with other forms of power generation and/or storage, creating a hybrid energy solution capable of providing energy on a 24/7 basis while reducing the average cost of electricity obtained through the system;
the desire of energy consumers to lock in long-term pricing of a reliable energy source;
renewable energy generation’s ability to utilize freely available sources of fuel, thus avoiding the risks of price volatility and market disruptions associated with many conventional fuel sources;
environmental concerns over conventional power generation; and
government policies that encourage development of renewable power, such as state or provincial renewable portfolio standard programs, which motivate utilities to procure electricity from renewable resources. In addition to renewable energy, we expect natural gas to grow as a source of electricity generation due to its relatively lower cost and lower environmental impact compared to other fossil fuel sources, such as coal and oil.

Our future growth will be dependent in part on Brookfield’s ability to identify and present us with acquisition opportunities, as well as our ability to make successful offers for ROFO assets from Brookfield and its affiliates to the extent the applicable affiliate of Brookfield elects to sell such assets under the terms of the Relationship Agreement. Brookfield’s obligations to TerraForm Power under the Brookfield MSA and Relationship Agreement are subject to a number of exceptions, and Brookfield has no obligation to source acquisition opportunities specifically for us.

Access to capital markets

Our ability to acquire additional clean power generation assets and manage our other commitments may be dependent on our ability to raise or borrow additional funds and access debt and equity capital markets, including the equity capital markets for our Class A shares, the corporate debt markets and the project finance market for project-level debt. We accessed the capital markets several times in 2018, including in connection with our Revolver, Term Loan and Equity Infusion (as defined and discussed in Financing Activities within Liquidity and Capital Resources below). Limitations on our ability to access the corporate and project finance debt and equity capital markets in the future on terms that are accretive to our existing cash flows would be expected to negatively affect our results of operations, business and future growth.

Foreign exchange

Our operating results are reported in United States dollars. Currently, a significant portion of our revenues and expenses are generated in U.S. Dollars. Historically, we have also had significant revenue and expenses generated in other currencies, including the Euro, the Canadian dollar and, to a lesser extent, the British Pound. This mix of currencies changed over the course of 2018 as a result of the closing of the acquisition of Saeta on June 12, 2018. This mix may continue to change in the future if we elect to alter the mix of our portfolio within our existing markets or elect to expand into new markets. In addition, our investments (including intercompany loans) in renewable energy facilities in foreign countries are exposed to foreign currency fluctuations. As a result, we expect our revenues and expenses will be exposed to foreign exchange fluctuations in local currencies where our renewable energy facilities are located. To the extent we do not hedge these exposures, fluctuations in foreign exchange rates could negatively impact our profitability and financial position.

Interest Rates