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SEC Filings
TERRAFORM POWER, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/15/2019
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Brookfield’s sponsorship may create significant conflicts of interest that may be resolved in a manner that is not in our best interest or the best interest of our stockholders.

Our sponsorship arrangements with Brookfield involve relationships that may give rise to conflicts of interest between us and our stockholders, on the one hand, and Brookfield, on the other hand. We rely on Brookfield to provide us with, among other things, strategic and investment management services. Although our sponsorship arrangements require Brookfield to provide us with a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel who are dedicated to us on a full-time basis and have as their primary responsibility the provision of services to us, there is no requirement for Brookfield to act exclusively for us or for Brookfield to provide any specific individuals to us on an ongoing basis.

In certain instances, the interests of Brookfield may differ from our interests, including among other things with respect to the types of acquisitions we pursue, the timing and amount of distributions we make, the reinvestment of returns generated by our operations, the use of leverage when making acquisitions and the appointment of certain outside advisers and service providers. Although we believe the requirement for our Conflicts Committee to review and approve any potential conflict transactions between us and Brookfield should mitigate this risk, there can be no assurance that such review and approvals will result in a resolution that is entirely in our best interests or the best interests of our stockholders.

Brookfield exercises substantial influence over the Company and we are highly dependent on Brookfield.

We depend on the management and administration services provided by Brookfield pursuant to the Brookfield MSA. Other than our Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel, Brookfield personnel and support staff that provide services to us under the Brookfield MSA are not required to have as their primary responsibility the management and administration of us or to act exclusively for us and the Brookfield MSA does not require any specific individuals to be provided to us. Failing to effectively manage our current operations or to implement our strategy could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations.

The departure of some or all of Brookfield’s professionals could prevent us from achieving our objectives.

We depend on the diligence, skill and business contacts of Brookfield’s professionals and the information and opportunities they generate during the normal course of their activities. Our future success will depend on the continued service of these individuals, who are not obligated to remain employed with Brookfield. Brookfield has experienced departures of key professionals in the past and may experience departures again in the future, and we cannot predict the impact that any such departures will have on our ability to achieve our objectives. The departure of a significant number of Brookfield’s professionals for any reason, or the failure to appoint qualified or effective successors in the event of such departures, could have a material adverse effect on our ability to achieve our objectives.

The role of Brookfield, and the relative amount of the Company’s Class A common stock that it controls, may change.

Our arrangements with Brookfield do not require Brookfield to maintain any ownership level in the Company. If Brookfield decides to sell part or all of its stake in the Company, or has its interest in the Company diluted due to future equity issuances, we could lose the benefit of the “controlled company” exemption for the purposes of the Nasdaq Global Select Market rules as discussed in the risk factor entitled “We are a “controlled company” controlled by Brookfield, whose interest in our business may be different from ours or other holders of our Class A common stock.” Additionally, if Brookfield’s ownership interest falls below 25%, we would have the right to terminate the Brookfield MSA. Any decision by us to terminate the Brookfield MSA would trigger a termination of the Relationship Agreement. As a result, we cannot predict with any certainty the effect that any change in Brookfield’s ownership would have on the trading price of our shares or our ability to raise capital or make investments in the future.

Other Risks

We may face difficulty in transitioning important corporate, project and other services to new vendors, which involves management challenges and poses risks that may materially adversely affect our business, results of operations and financial condition.

Beginning in 2017, as we transitioned away from our historical dependence on SunEdison for corporate, project and other services, including providing for critical systems and information technology infrastructure sponsorship, we engaged new vendors and/or developed our own capabilities and resources for corporate, project and other services, including providing for critical systems and information technology infrastructure. These efforts included creating a separate stand-alone corporate organization, including, among other things, directly hiring employees and establishing our own accounting, information