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SEC Filings
TERRAFORM POWER, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/15/2019
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be precluded from pursuing otherwise attractive acquisitions if the projected short-term cash flow from the acquisition or investment is not adequate to service the capital raised to fund the acquisition or investment. As such, our growth may not be as fast as that of businesses that reinvest their available cash to expand ongoing operations.

We may not have access to all operating wind and solar acquisitions that Brookfield identifies.

Our ability to grow through acquisitions depends on Brookfield’s ability to identify and present us with acquisition opportunities. Brookfield has designated the Company, subject to certain exceptions, as its primary vehicle to acquire operating wind and solar assets in North America and Western Europe. However, Brookfield’s obligations to the Company under the Relationship Agreement are subject to a number of exceptions and Brookfield has no obligation to source acquisition opportunities specifically for us. There are a number of factors which could materially and adversely impact the extent to which suitable acquisition opportunities are made available to us by Brookfield, for example:

It is an integral part of Brookfield’s strategy to pursue the acquisition or development of renewable power assets through consortium arrangements with institutional investors, strategic partners and/or financial sponsors and to form partnerships (including private funds, joint ventures and similar arrangements) to pursue acquisitions on a specialized basis. In certain circumstances, acquisitions of operating wind and solar assets in our primary jurisdictions may be made by other Brookfield vehicles, either with or instead of us.
The same professionals within Brookfield’s organization that are involved in sourcing acquisitions that are suitable for us are often responsible for sourcing opportunities for vehicles, consortiums and partnerships referred to above, as well as having other responsibilities within Brookfield’s broader asset management business. Limits on the availability of such individuals will likewise result in a limitation on the availability of acquisition opportunities for us.
Brookfield will only recommend acquisition opportunities that it believes are suitable and appropriate for us. The question of whether a particular acquisition is suitable and appropriate is highly subjective and is dependent on a number of factors including an assessment by Brookfield of our liquidity position, the risk and return profile of the opportunity, and other factors. If Brookfield determines that an opportunity is not suitable or appropriate for us, it may still pursue such opportunity on its own behalf, or on behalf of a Brookfield-sponsored vehicle.   

Our ability to raise additional capital to fund our operations and growth may be limited.

We may need to arrange additional financing to fund all or a portion of the cost of acquisitions, including potential contingent liabilities and other aspects of our operations. Our ability to arrange additional financing or otherwise access the debt or equity capital markets, either at the corporate-level or at a non-recourse project-level subsidiary, may be limited. Any limitations on our ability to obtain financing may have an adverse effect on our business, or growth prospects or our results of operations. Additional financing, including the costs of such financing, will be dependent on numerous factors, including:

general economic and capital market conditions, including the then-prevailing interest rate environment;
credit availability from banks and other financial institutions;
investor confidence in us, our partners, our Sponsor, and the regional wholesale power markets;
our financial performance and the financial performance of our subsidiaries;
our level of indebtedness and compliance with covenants in debt agreements;
our ability to file SEC reports on a timely basis and obtain audited project-level financial statements;
maintenance of acceptable credit ratings or credit quality, including maintenance of the legal and tax structure of the project-level subsidiary upon which the credit ratings may depend;
our cash flows; and
provisions of tax and securities laws that may impact raising capital.

We may not be successful in obtaining additional financing for these or other reasons. Furthermore, we may be unable to refinance or replace non-recourse financing arrangements or other credit facilities on favorable terms or at all upon the expiration or termination thereof. Our failure, or the failure of any of our renewable energy facilities, to obtain additional capital or enter into new or replacement financing arrangements when due may constitute a default under such existing indebtedness and may have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition, results of operations and cash flows.

Risks Inherent in an Investment in TerraForm Power, Inc.

We may not be able to pay cash dividends to holders of our Class A common stock in the future.

The amount of our cash available for distribution principally depends upon the amount of cash we generate from our operations, which will fluctuate from quarter to quarter based on, among other things: