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SEC Filings
TERRAFORM POWER, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/15/2019
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Recovery of Short-swing Profit Claim

During the year ended December 31, 2018, the Company received $3.7 million from Brookfield and certain of its affiliates for the settlement of claims relating to certain transactions under Section 16 (b) of the Exchange Act. The Company recognized the net proceeds of $3.0 million as a capital contribution from a stockholder and recorded it as an increase to additional paid-in capital, which is reflected within the other line in the consolidated statements of stockholders’ equity for the year ended December 31, 2018.

Commodity Contracts

During the year December 31, 2018, the Company entered into agreements with an affiliate of Brookfield regarding the financial swap of certain commodity contracts. These agreements were entered on a purely flow-through, cost-reimbursement basis, and did not result in any fees or other amounts payable by the Company to any Brookfield affiliate. As of December 31, 2018, a total of $1.2 million was paid pursuant to these agreements on a cost-reimbursement basis by the Company to the Brookfield counterparty.

Chamblee Class Action Settlement

As discussed in Note 14. Stockholders’ Equity, on August 3, 2018, pursuant to the Merger Agreement, the Company issued 80,084 shares of Class A common stock to Orion Holdings in connection with the net losses incurred as a result of the final resolution of the Chamblee Class Action.

Due from affiliate

The $0.2 million and $4.4 million due from affiliate amounts reported in the consolidated balance sheets as of December 31, 2018 and 2017, respectively, each represents a receivable from TerraForm Global, as a result of payments made by the Company on its behalf regarding rent for its shared former corporate headquarters, compensation for certain employees that provided services to both companies and certain information technology services, of which a net $4.8 million was received during the year ended December 31, 2018. There was no right of set-off with respect to these receivables from TerraForm Global and the payables to the other Brookfield affiliates described herein, and thus these amounts were separately reported in due from affiliate in the consolidated balance sheets.

Due to affiliates

The $7.0 million due to affiliates amount reported in the consolidated balance sheets as of December 31, 2018, primarily represents payables to affiliates of Brookfield of $4.2 million for the Brookfield MSA quarterly base management fee for the fourth quarter of 2018 and $2.8 million for leasehold improvements, rent, office charges and other services associated with the transition to the Company’s new corporate headquarters during 2018.

As of December 31, 2017, the $4.0 million due to affiliates amount represented a $3.4 million payable for the Brookfield MSA quarterly base management fee and $0.6 million of accrued standby fee interest that was payable to a Brookfield affiliate under the Sponsor Line. These 2017 year-end payables were paid in the first quarter of 2018, as well as: (i) $10.4 million representing the management fee for the first nine months of 2018; (ii) $4.0 million for services and fees paid on behalf of the Company by affiliates of Brookfield in relation to the acquisition of Saeta; and (iii) $3.0 million of additional Sponsor Line standby fee interest. Additionally, in connection with a bank guarantee issued in support of the Saeta acquisition, Brookfield provided credit support to the Company, and the Company agreed to pay a fee to Brookfield an amount equal to 50% of the savings realized by the Company as a result of Brookfield’s provision of credit support, which amounted to $2.9 million and was paid in the second quarter of 2018.

As discussed above, under the Settlement Agreement, the settlements and mutual intercompany releases became effective upon the consummation of the Merger with affiliates of Brookfield on October 16, 2017, and as a result, the Company wrote-off $15.7 million of payables to SunEdison as of such date. The write-off was recognized in additional paid-in capital as the entire settlement with SunEdison was accounted for as an equity transaction.

As a result of the SunEdison Bankruptcy, the Company recognized $1.8 million and $3.3 million loss within loss on